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4 Ways to Keep Your Team Focused and Productive

As a business executive, you recognize that team morale is highly important to the success of your business and your future goals. However, sometimes, keeping your team focused and productive can be difficult. With long hours, hard work, big projects, and monotony all chipping away at your workforce on a daily basis, how can you possibly find time for anything else without being less productive and focused on work?

With this said, it’s no wonder why your team is gravitating towards things other than work and slowing the process down exponentially to take time on themselves. However, how do you get your team back on track in a positive manner without seeming like the bad guy in the long run. Fortunately, we at Midtown Apps knows this struggle all too well. When focusing on app development all day long, it can certainly take a toll on your company morale and productivity levels. That’s why we’ve compiled the four best way to keep your team focused. Now you can focus on what really matters and put the sluggishness behind you for good!

1. Incentives

The first thing that a business owner or executive can do to increase productivity and focus in the office is to provide incentives for their team. These incentives can be as simple as movie tickets or gift cards to local lunch spots but can also be as complex as new bikes, watches, or vacations. 

According to Strategic Incentives, “Companies that executed a formal, planned-out employee engagement program reported a 64% greater increase in the level of employee engagement than those without one…[and] In 2015, almost eighty percent (78.7%) of incentive programs met the proper expectations.”

With these statistics in mind, it’s no surprise why many companies opt for incentive programs to refocus their staff and meet expectations according to projections once more. 

2. Change of Scenery

The next way to keep a team focused and productive is to change their scenery. According to Entrepreneur, “Making slight changes in your working environment will make a huge difference in your willingness to work. When you shift things around it makes work feel new again which is great for re-igniting motivation.”

Although it may seem absurd at first, a change of scenery could actually increase your productivity exponentially as a company. It could also allow your team to feel more creative and refreshed which is ideal. This change could mean reorganizing your office space, moving around desks, or even simply changing furniture altogether. Any of these changes could lead to an increase in productivity over time. This is exactly what you need to grow. 

3. Goal Mapping

The next element of focus and productivity growth is goal mapping. Goal mapping may seem relatively simple, but it is the way you do it that matters. Unlike a quota that pushes your staff past their actual comfort zones, goal mapping simply creates an outline of what you want your company to look like in one year. 

Whether it be more clients, more staff, more profits, or more services. You will want to outline every aspect of your business. In doing this, you can discuss ways to achieve these goals with your staff. This helps your staff to feel connected to the business and to yourself. In doing this, you encourage pride in their work. You can also help them to know what to focus on as the year goes on. Simply redefine these goals throughout the year and watch your team achieve them one by one. 

4. Competitions

Lastly, the final thing a business professional can do is encourage competition. According to Forbes, “Growing research suggests that people who are happier tend to work harder. A playful workplace helps draw new talent, relieve stress, increase motivation, and build relationships with co-workers. Furthermore, it encourages teamwork and collaboration and brings employees closer, all in the name of healthy competition.

As competitions grow throughout the workplace, so do results. Increased motivation and relationship-building are just two of the many benefits that competition with coworkers creates. A little friendly competition that doesn’t create high-stress situations can go a long way to fuel productivity within a department, organization or team.”

So, what’s the conclusion?

With this said, adding games, competitions, and awards to your daily work can actually help your team to grow together. You can easily meet your goals without losing focus whatsoever. 

All of these elements impact the productivity and focus of your team. However, it is important to also remember the role you play in your team’s morale. With a positive attitude, a sincere and honest approach at work, and an appreciation for your staff, your team is sure to be more focused and productive in no time. 

If you want to know more about Midtown Apps and our amazing team, feel free to call us! We’ll be happy to share what we can do for you and your business today!

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