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5 Qualities That Make a Great App

When developing an app, there are many things that come to mind. Although every aspect of an app is essential to the app’s development and growth over time, there are certain key elements that separate good apps from poorly executed ones. In order to create an app that is successful over time, you must take into account 5 crucial elements that make up a good app. 

These elements are the concept, the execution of the concept, the marketing strategy, the perceptiveness to constructive criticism, and the ability to grow and improve over time. With these elements fully fleshed out, any app has the ability to be successful and any app developer has a bright future ahead of them. 

1. A Great Concept

Every app requires a foundation to build upon that is strong and reliable. This foundation should function as an outline for the app. It should help to execute the app development from start to finish. It should also prove its worth and usefulness before the app is even created as well. This foundation is the app’s concept and it is crucial to the app creation, marketing strategy, and success level.

Without a strong concept for the application, the likelihood of this development being completed and successful is slim to none. Think about the various apps you currently have on your phone. Facebook, Spotify, Myfitnesspal, Starbucks Rewards, etc. What do they all have in common?

The commonalities are clear…

Well, for starters, every one of these apps has a clear purpose and executes it accordingly. Furthermore, the app’s concept is clear and its usefulness is showcased in the app’s branding and the company’s branding alike. Think about when you walk into a Starbucks or stumble upon an ad by one of these companies online. You are sure to see details about their app and why it is useful. Rewards, health tips, deals, recommendations. Whatever else these apps provide you with help to encapsulate the concept of the app. They also prove to you why you need it. 

Furthermore, if you plan on charging for your app, your concept is crucial when enticing people to buy it. According to Build Fire, “98% of app revenue worldwide comes from free apps. Just a fraction of people are willing to pay for downloads.”

With a statistic like this, it’s no wonder why app developers will spend months creating the concept alone before going on to any other topic at hand. However, with a concept that showcases its value and its uniqueness combined with a marketing strategy that does the same, you are sure to see positive results from your hard work.

2. Proper Execution of the Concept

After developing a concept worthy of app development, the next step is the execution of said app. Although having a good idea is great, the way you execute it is truly what makes it. If your application is executed poorly, the concept you worked hard to create will inevitably be null and void. 

Fortunately, execution of an app concept is not as difficult as it may seem. Especially when you have the right team developing your app and the right vision for your app outlined in full. The best way to properly execute an app concept is simple. Begin with the goal of the app and then build from there. Start with the design and the copy.

These may seem like the least important aspect of an app. Especially considering the mechanics of the app must also fall in line with the concept. However, the truth is that the mechanics are not the first thing a person sees when they download this application. You must have a visually appealing and easy-to-understand system and then focus on the mechanics after the fact. If you are struggling with any of these aspects of the app development process, don’t panic! You can always reach out to all of us at Midtown Apps. We can help create an app prototype to get the ball rolling and help actualize your ideas. 

3. Excellent Marketing

The next element of app development that must be focused on is the marketing. Without marketing that is clear, straight to the point, and incentivizing, the app is sure to fail. Although you may have the occasional person that purchases the app from research or a direct need for your service, the goal of every app is to make itself valuable and to prove to the average consumer that they absolutely need this service or product. 

To do this, you must create a marketing strategy that is cohesive, clear, and enticing to the target demographic of the app. There are many ways to go about this, however, according to Forbes, the best marketing methods for app developers are researching the target market, performing competitor research, creating a landing page that sells, making your app visible in the app store, creating viral video content, starting a blog, researching your audience with social networks, and measuring your app’s key performance indicators (KPIs). By doing these things, you are sure to create a marketing campaign that is cohesive, clever, and engaging in the blink of an eye. 

4. Openness to Constructive Criticism

As with any business endeavor, the ability to utilize constructive criticism is key to the success level of your application. Margaret Chase Smith once said, “Constructive criticism is not only to be expected but sought.” These words are crucial when developing an app that people are expected to purchase and love time and time again. Not every bit of criticism will be useful but it takes a true leader to change where they should and know where they should not. 

As you develop your app, begin to market your app, and expand your app, you must keep these things in mind and constantly be open to new criticisms and ways to grow as a business owner and app developer. Through this, you will slowly be able to expand your horizons, create better versions of your application, and increase your business because of it. 

5. Continuous Growth and Improvement

The last and most important part of app development is never assuming the job is done. App development takes time and effort and, even after the app is released, new versions of the app must be released to make changes, take into account fair criticisms, and add on to the abilities of the app likewise.

This is how your app continues to grow and improve over time. With each new version of the app being released, you can make the changes necessary, increase your audience, and add more clients to your list with ease. 

In the end, app development is often difficult and tiring to new businesses. However, with a bit of advice and help from the team at Midtown Apps, you are sure to go above and beyond your wildest dreams and create an app that is loved by all. If you would like to talk about your app or any other aspect of your app development process you’re stuck in, don’t hesitate to contact us today and, together, let’s make magic happen for your app and your business alike! 

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