A prototype provides an example of a working application by modeling common user flows with polished graphics and an interactive, clickable UI.


With a tangible, visual model of your application, investors immediately understand your vision.


Anywhere from 60% to 90% of the effort spent building the prototype is applicable to your final MVP, meaning it’s not wasted effort and decreases the total effort (and cost) needed for your MVP.


Prototypes often cost an order of magnitude less than an MVP. In addition, prototypes allow you to test actual flows with potential customers without needing to build your MVP.

To See An Example of a prototype, click here:

We often hear the term “prototype” in a lot of different contexts. Because of this, there might confusion regarding its meaning.

In its basic form, a prototype is an expression of design intent. Prototyping allows designers to present their designs and see them in action. In the context of digital products, a prototype is a simulation of the final interaction between the user and the interface. Depending on what a product team needs a prototype to do, it can simulate an entire app or just a single interaction.

What is an App Prototype?

An app prototype in an interactive and clickable version of your app. It can be designed to look exactly like the real thing with real images and buttons, or it can be a limited grayscale project.

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