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However incredible a business, product or idea, it counts for nothing if your audience doesn’t understand it. Explainer videos are the ultimate tool to help impart that understanding – creating ‘I get it!’ moments that help grow your business.

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What is an Explainer Video?

An explainer video is a short, 1-2 minute video which strikes at the very heart of a business, product or idea. It communicates the broad strokes of a topic in a quick, snappy way, concisely communicating the really important key points, and telling the viewer where to go or what to do to find out more. Explainer videos are most commonly used to educate potential customers about a product or service; but they can also be used for educational purposes, to break down and explain complex or lengthy topics. If you struggle to explain what you do, or you’re looking to give your audience a ‘lightbulb’ moment – where something they didn’t understand becomes something they do – then an explainer video could be just the tool you’re looking for.

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